Electronic sources

How do I log in to the digital library?
The digital library provides access to documents and literature necessary for study. Some of them are freely available. You can access closed materials after logging in with your university login on the main page of the digital library.

Library card

How do I extend the validity of my library card?

The validity of the card is extended after payment of the registration fee according to the price list during the actual academic year. Payment can be made in cash at the library cash desk or by bank transfer to the faculty account: SK7881800000007000081471. Variable symbol: 6288. The note for the recipient shall include: Registration and your name. You can send a copy of the payment confirmation via the form on the Do you have a question? page on SCHK website. After receiving the receipt, your library account will be activated. You will receive a confirmation by email.

How do I register for the library?

To use library services, especially borrowing and reserving study literature, it is necessary to register in the SCHK library system. Registration for students and faculty employees is processed automatically by logging in on this page with the university login and agreeing to the GDPR. A registration fee may be required to activate the account. The price list is available on the main SCHK page.

How long is a library card valid for?

The card is valid until August 31. in an actual academic year.

Loans of textbooks and scripts

How can I return the documents?

You can return the documents in person at the library during opening hours or by mail. After taking over, the loans are registered in the library system. The system automatically sends a return confirmation to the e-mail of the user who borrowed the item.

How do I check my loans?

You can check the status of your loan by logging into your account in the SCHK library system catalogue. Students and faculty employees may use the university login. Other users will receive their login data when they register for the library.

How do I extend my loans?

Loans can be extended in several ways:
1/ in person at the library after presenting the card,
2/ bya phone call or sending an SMS,
3/ after logging into your account in the catalogue of the SCHK library system.