Theses and dissertations

FCHPT procedure for printing and binding final theses in SCHK

  1. Student will prepare his/her final thesis in accordance with the recommended final thesis template published on the faculty’s website in the information for students section.
  2. Final theses are submitted electronically for the purpose of defense. Production of the paper version is for personal use only.
  3. The number of prints produced is not limited.
  4. The final work can be printed from the document entered into AIS or from documents delivered by electronic means /email, storage, USB key/.
  5. The request form for printing and binding of the final thesis at SCHK is published on the SCHK website.
  6. The number of black-and-white and color pages filled in the request form must be as accurate as possible. The number of prints requested cannot be changed.
  7. When filling out the printing request form, the price of prints is calculated, which must be paid in cash at the SCHK cash desk. The order is then considered to be definite.
  8. We usually have the final work produced within 3 working days after placing the order.
  9. Final theses stored in AIS in its full form with all attachments, license agreement assignment will be transferred by SCHK to the final theses archive for long-term archiving purposes.
  10. Submitted electronic documents must not be encrypted or have any use restrictions.
  11. The email address for communication and sending the works, including attachments, is: zaverecneprace [at]