Print on demand

“Print on demand” is a SCHK service, by which we provide the opportunity to print a document, interesting information from the web or a student work from the computers in the library and in the faculty lobby.

The file is simply sent for printing and the document is printed after attaching the Mifare card to the terminal in the faculty premises. After 24 hours, if no card is attached and no print is made, the print task job is cancelled. It is possible to print interesting information, study material, student works. These documents can come from websites (for example, articles), they can be your own files or study material from the eStudy and studyCloud services.

The manners how to send a print differ depending on whether you need to print from your PC, a library computer, or the eStudy service.

Printing from library computers
The information that can be printed in this way comes either from the web, eStudy services, studyCloud or a personal USB drive. After logging in, this document is simply sent for printing using the appropriate icon in the document viewing program or web browser, and this document can be printed in the library premises after attaching the Mifare card immediately.